We’ve developed a variety of efficient and effective media services over the years that offer economies of scale and experience without compromising on quality or aspirations. Some excellent examples of this kind of thinking can be found in our Structured Press Release program, WordPress Site Assessment and our Sales & Marketing Tune-Up.

Structured Press Release Packages

Our professional Structured Press Release program utilizes expert USA-based, in-house talent with the knowledge and experience to properly create, deploy and follow-up with your original releases within your particular market segment.

Each Structured Press Release package includes the following:

  • We provide expert assessment and consultation, which includes one or more phone, Skype or Zoom meetings. We take a personal interest in our mutual success.
  • We create a logical and compelling outline of elements and strategic purpose of the release(s) where applicable (typically with multi-release packages).
  • We write, format and produce your press releases based on input and any needed materials using best professional practices.
  • We can compose creative, attention-getting images that can be attached to the release and included in all media and emails (1 included). We can link to more.
  • We produce a release PDF available to media and your own use. Word docs can be made available as well.
  • We can email your release to related media outlets (magazines, blogs, editors, etc.), and other industry influencers as a credible third party source.*
  • We can place your release with other distribution services as needed.*
  • We provide release follow-up as warranted.

Order 1, 2, 4 or 6 releases. You can save big with the Multi-Release Packages shown below:

Standard (1 Release) Flat Fee: $295
2-Release Package: $495 (save $95**)
4-Release Package: $895
(save $285**)
6-Release Package: $1195 (save $575**)

(Order Service Here)

*May result in additional cost. Please inquire. **Savings based on cost of Standard 1-Release Package. Releases must be used within a 12-month period.

WordPress Site Assessment

So you already have a WordPress-based website. You built it, or you hired someone else to do it for you. Either way, it needs work because of any of the following reasons…

  • It’s old and hasn’t been updated…
  • You thought you could do it yourself, but…
  • You hired somebody who left the country and…
  • It’s just not doing what it’s supposed to…
  • You’ve fallen and you can’t get up…
  • You really wanted a professionally built site, but…

No worries. It’s not your fault. In fact, this is one of the most common situations we come across. And the good news is… We can help.

We are happy to perform a complete site assessment. We provide you with a written report on the condition of your site with recommendations for updates, possible renovation and added functionality. We charge a small fee for this service since it takes time. However, we credit this amount toward any additional work we do for you on your site. Simple as that.

WordPress Site Assessment: $149 (Order Service Here)

Solve your website Accessibility exposure and risk in about 48 hours.

Sales & Marketing

You can take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience to get a straight-forward review of your sales and marketing strategy (if one exists or not) and receive simple, but solid recommendations on how to start taking your business to the Next Level.

Our 5-Step Program includes:

  • Preliminary telephone, Zoom or Skype meeting to assess your current situation
  • Our Strategic Questionnaire (SQ) to establish your Sales & Marketing Baseline
  • Review and analysis of SQ answers
  • SQ Report
  • Follow-up and recommendation via telephone, Zoom or Skype meeting

Typically this kind of consultative service would cost hundreds of dollars. But, because it’s part of our Structured Services program, we offer our Sales & Marketing Tune-Up for a very reasonable cost.

Sales & Marketing Tune-Up: $199 (Order Service Here)