Growth Partner Plus Program

Growth Partner Plus Program2023-10-02T17:02:41-07:00
Growth Partner Plus Program

A unique and different way of doing business!

Whether you’re starting up or looking to take your small business or professional venture to the next level, TrueMarket Group’s Growth Partner Plus program can provide an extensive array of critical marketing, media, sales and operational talent, skill, knowledge, and experience to help you get where you’re going. Or someplace better.

The difference is our approach. While much of our work is and has traditionally been 100% fee-based, Growth Partner Plus offers a unique working connection that is based on an important foundational principle: Mutual Benefit.

What are some of the benefits of this program?

First, and often one of the most important, are flexible and creative compensation options. This is based on the simple idea of value for value exchange. There’s always more than one way to create mutual benefit.

Second, and right up there at the top, is our ability to perform a broad spectrum of relevant functions in related areas that can eliminate the need to employ or engage others (often many) and the obvious resources required.

Third, is our view of the business world (as we know it). Our work with clients is naturally holistic and utilizes a number of methodologies we’ve developed over many years, all designed to enhance our mutual success.

Growth Partner Plus Working Together

How do we work together effectively?

We’re big advocates for simplicity. This four-step process illustrates the bigger picture as we see it and use it.

  • Analysis
    What you have. What you’ve done. Where you’re going.
  • Ideas and Recommendations
    What you can do. What we can do.
  • Implementation
    Convert ideas and recommendations to action. Make it happen.
  • Management
    Keep it all going in the right direction.

Let’s look at these four items in a bit more detail.


We’re good listeners. We want to understand as much as possible about where you’re at right now, how you got there and what you hope to accomplish going forward. Understanding your broader needs helps us match up our capabilities with yours and determine how we can benefit each other.

Ideas and Recommendations

Once we have an idea of what you can and already do, and then what part we can play, visualizing the benefits of working together can begin. Sometimes the parts are obvious, and at other times, it takes some discovery. Occasionally, it may be clear that a matchup doesn’t exist. That’s okay. It happens.


Moving forward, some foundational work usually needs to be done. This might include planning, documentation, research and more. Frequently, there are aspects of the work where we can hit the ground running and get started right away.


We believe that true mutual benefits are often more significant as an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. That’s why longer-term involvement and management can play an important role in building a successful win/win relationship. Like every other aspect of our Growth Partner Plus program, it is completely customizable.


What are some specific functions that TMG can handle?2023-05-28T08:38:55-07:00

Our work tends to fall into these four categories:

  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Sales
  • Related Operations

More details available in THIS PDF >>

How is TMG compensated other than fee-based?2023-05-21T09:14:33-07:00

There is no set schedule or finite list. Value is value. It comes in many forms. That’s why this program is so powerful. The potential is unlimited. It’s unique to each relationship.

Does the program require a contract?2023-05-21T09:15:37-07:00

The TMG Growth Partner Plus agreements are kept as simple as possible. Simple is always better in our view. That’s our underlying principle. But every situation is different.

How long has the Growth Partner Plus program existed?2023-05-21T09:16:19-07:00

Well, that depends on when you’re reading this. But just for reference, the program is new for 2023. Of course, our work spans four decades. So, a lot of this isn’t new.

Are there minimum requirements?2023-05-29T09:54:49-07:00

Yes. At the very least, you have to be in a position to exchange value for value, whatever that is. For us, it has to be something we want to do. That seems like a good starting point.

Why are you doing this?2023-05-21T09:19:16-07:00

Great question. And the simple answer is… Because we can. For a more complicated answer, just contact us.

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