When I came up with the tagline for the company, The Art of Building Business, it was something that just rolled out of my brain spontaneously as though it was already predetermined. More likely is that I’ve learned over all these years to get out of the way and let it flow. And so this is the Flowstream. It’s really just the blog, but let’s face it, blog is such an overused term these days. And, we are creative people here and we need to stay ahead of the curve (while staying on the road).

Of course, Flowstream could possibly have a urinary inference and that could potentially conjure up a prostate consciousness, and frankly… that would just be unacceptable. But it’s a small risk and Flowstream it is. If we take on some urologists as clients, it might have a different (if not amusing) significance, but until then… it is what it is.

So, what about this Art of Building Business? I know it’s broad and probably used in many other places. But this is a creative agency that is dedicated to developing good ideas and creating beautiful work that supports the growth and success of our client’s business. I will admit that earlier in my career there was more emphasis on the “beautiful work” but it turns out that there’s just a lot more benefits coming our way when we also help our clients succeed.